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Featured Poem 

Keep it Away from Me

don’t wanna look on this

never get near

flames too raw for me

grief too deep

keep it away from me

stay out of my heart

stay out of my hope

some son, somebody’s pain

some child gone

child never mine

born to this trouble

don’t wanna be born to this world

world where sometimes yes

world where mostly no

the wound of love

smoke round my throat

rain down my soul

no heaven lies

keep them gone

keep them never

keep them away from me

stay out of my heart

stay out of my hope

don’t try

any old story on me

don’t even try

no wing no song

no cry no comfort ye

no wound ever mine

close up the gates of night

the wound of love

keep it all away from me

the wound of love

you take away

the wounds of the world

keep it away from me


from Considering Matthew Shepard, music by Craig Hella Johnson “the wound of love” is from Gabriela Mistral

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