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Pankake Poetry Reading
featuring Michael Dennis Browne

Michael Dennis Browne, poet and University of Minnesota Emeritus Professor, read from his new book, The Voices, at the 6th annual Pankake Poetry Reading at the University of Minnesota.

Also featured were musical performances by Kathy Saltzman Romey and the University Singers, the flagship choral ensemble of the University of Minnesota.

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“Talk to me, Baby”

by Michael Dennis Browne
From A Sampling of Minnesota Poets
The Loft, 1975

This rare recording is from a poetry reading as a benefit in 1975 for The Loft at the Firehouse in Minneapolis. It was directed by Mike Hazard with camera work by Thomas Goodell and Ron McCoy.

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A Sampling of Minnesota Poets. The Loft, 1975
Michael Dennis Browne reads two poems.

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Featuring poems by:
Robert Bly
Phebe Hanson
Louis Jenkins
Margaret Hasse
Jim Moore